Eliminating single-use plastics globally.

Producing high quality reusables that eliminate the need for single-use plastics.

The Udder Way keg.

Saving time, money and the planet!
The average cafe will use 10,000 plastic milk bottles a year!

Holds 18 litres of milk!

The Udder Way systems have been developed around the Udder Way Keg, which holds 18 litres of milk, the same amount as a crate of 2 litre milk bottles!

The Problem

500 million plastic milk bottles are used every year.
Less than half are ever recycled.

The Solution

One Udder Way reusable keg eliminates the need to manufacture 7000 x 2 litre single-use plastic bottles in its lifetime!
Top view of an Udder Way keg
The Udder Way has a focus on manufacturing high quality reusables to eliminate single-use plastics globally.
Our mission is to eliminate 100 million single-use plastic bottles annually.

A better way...

save time!

Improves workflow and makes you more efficient during peak times. No opening and closing the fridges, just happier customers with faster coffees!

save money!

Not only do you remove plastic from the waste chain, but you don’t even have to pay to have it taken away! Goodbye overflowing bins, hello to some environmental cred!

save the planet!

If you’re using sustainable coffee cups, it makes sense to say goodbye to plastic bottles too. Every one keg saves up to 7000 bottles!

A Tasmanian business with a passion for global recognition, as a symbol for environmental change and sustainability.

The Udder Way keg is an 18 litre reusable keg that is designed and manufactured in Tasmania.

One Udder Way keg eliminates the need to manufacture 1600 x 1 litre single-use plastic bottles.

Our mission is to eliminate 100 million single-use plastic bottles annually.

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Lady holding an Udder Way keg
Exterior of Ashgrove Cheese

As a proud Tasmanian business, we are delighted to be the first dairy to partner with The Udder Way to not only make a difference to the environment but to help a range of businesses operate more efficiently.

- Richard Bennett, Ashgrove CEO
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